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Featured Web Hosting Article

Uptime in Web Hosting Company

Most of the time, people would look for a remarkable uptime for web hosting aside from other features like bandwidth and storage space. The different web hosting companies give a guarantee to their clients with regard to the kind of uptime that they would be able to provide and the quality of uptime that it is capable of.

In order to gain better understanding as to what uptime in web hosting is all about, it may be defined as a server's measurement of time - how long it is running. This means that you should look for a web hosting company that provides a longer uptime because this indicates that it may provide a much better service. The uptime of a web hosting company is highly considered because this would have an impact on the web site as well as the perception that potential visitors will have when visiting the site. There are a lot of web hosting companies that only have a downtime of about 2 minutes per day which is equivalent to 99.9% uptime. With this kind of uptime, you are certain that your site would always be accessible by anyone at almost any time of the day.

There are of things that may contribute to the downtime of a certain web hosting company. This may be categorized as either a planned downtime, wherein an update is made to the web hosting server or it is upgraded; a semi-planned downtime wherein the web hosting company was able to find a breach in its security and this needs to be patched; and the worst kind of downtime is the unplanned downtime, wherein there is the possibility of a web hosting server to have been overloaded. It may also be the case that there was software introduced to the site that may be considered to be malicious in nature, or it could be software or even hardware malfunction.

With the use of the very efficient kind of technology that we now have, monitoring the uptime any time of the day is now possible. Web hosting company who can afford to allot groups of people who would be monitoring the server even do so in order to make certain that clients do not encounter any kind of inconvenience with regard to its server. These web hosting companies may also put to good use the method of using single servers since this would be more practical and cost-effective as well.

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