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Hostmonster Coupon  

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** The HostMonster Coupon is a Special Link which you can sign up at $3.95/month,
the original price is $6.95/month

If you are looking for Hostmonster coupon, Hostmonster coupon code, Hostmonster discount or Hostmonster promotion, you come to the right place.

For 24 months plan, the original price is $6.95, now Just $3.95 per month;
For 12 months plan, the original price is $7.95, now Just $4.95 per month;

If you would like to sign up Hostmonster at a special discount, please enter HERE now.

- 07-02-2011 : The $3.95 HostMonster Coupon will expire on 15th February, 2011, the new HostMonster coupon will be $4.50/m, so please sign up ASAP.

- 16-02-2011 : The $3.95 HostMonster Coupon has expired, the new HostMonster Coupon in 2011 will be $4.50 per month for all billing cycles(12, 24, 36 months plan), normal price will be $6.95/m.

- 17-02-2011 : $4.50/m is now the best HostMonster coupon available in 2011.

- 28-04-2011 : $3.95/m HostMonster Coupon is back again !!! We don't know when will this $3.95/m HostMonster Coupon expire, so sign up before it is too late !!!

  Hostmonster Coupon
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About HostMonster Coupon

The HostMonster coupon is a special link which you can visit and sign up at $3.95 per month, the normal monthly price is $5.95 per month without the coupon.

Hostmonster coupon

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Visit HostMonster

10 Things You Need to Know About HostMonster Coupon

1) Unlike other coupon codes, the HostMonster coupon is not a printable coupon which you can print out to use.

2) The coupon is also not some secret codes which you can copy and paste when you sign up HostMonster.

3) The Hostmonster coupon is just a special link which you can click in order to claim the discount.

4) To use the coupon, you will need to click on the HostMonster coupon link and you will be redirected to the home page of Hostmonster.

5) There is no difference in the hosting package even if you sign up at $3.95 per month.

6) You can use the Hostmonster $3.95 link to sign up as many hosting packages as you like.

7) To sign up at $3.95 per month, you will need to sign up a 24 months or bigger billing cycle with Hostmonster.

8) The $3.95 coupon is only valid for the shared web hosting plan(not include the new Pro plan).

9) You can also find out a $3.95 Bluehost coupon which has the same discount in our site.

10) To enjoy the Hostmonster coupon, Click here now !

HostMonster coupon

When Will This Coupon Expire?

To be frank, nobody really know the answer but this coupon can actually end at anytime. This special coupon is a special promotion for the smart one who knows about the Hostmonster coupon. In fact, many people just sign up without the coupon. But why? They simply don't know there is a Hostmonster coupon out there.

The coupon might come to an end when the economy is getting better because people can afford a higher price when the world is growing every year. Hostmonster has a huge financial pressure to give eveyone a 50% discount so it is understood that this coupon is not going to last forever.

In fact, Hostmonster has temporarily replaced the $3.95 coupon by a new $4.50 coupon on February 2011.

How Much Money Can You Save by Using the Coupon?

12 months billing cycle :
Without Coupon : $7.95 x 12 = $95.4
With Coupon : $4.95 x 12 = $59.4 (Save $36)

24 months billing cycle :
Without Coupon : $6.95 x 24 = $166.8
With Coupon : $3.95 x 24 = $94.8 (Save $72)

HostMonster Coupon Temperary Expired on Feb 2011

On February 2011, Hostmonster announced that the $3.95 per month coupon will soon be expired on 15 February, 2011. You can still save some money by using the new Hostmonster coupon but the discount is smaller.

The new coupon is $4.50 per month for all billing cycles.

HostMonster Coupon Is Back Again on April 2011

On April 2011, Hostmonster announced that the $3.95 per month coupon is back again. Hostmonster didn’t tell the reason to bring back the old coupon again but it is a good news for customers anyway.

Everything is back to normal, the best coupon is now $3.95 per month.

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Visit Hostmonster Hosting Plan Hostmonster Coupon Code Descriptions Valid Until
Visit Hostmonster For All Hosting Plans No Coupon Code Is Needed, Just Enter This Link
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Just Enter Here to Sign Up at $3.95/m
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15th February, 2011
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Hostmonster One Stop Solution for Web Hosting

“Hostmonster coupon” is a coupon for web hosting that enables users worldwide to host website using various services and techniques offered by hostmonster. In short, hostmonster is web hosting giant. When you make website for your business, it has great value for your business and to host that website you need a cheap and reliable hosting services. You will be jumping in air when you hear that with hostmonster coupon you can get unlimited space and unlimited transfers on web. If that not good enough for you, how about unlimited Imap/Pop which is free with this coupon. Accumulate all these advantages of hostmonster coupon together and you will find that hostmonster coupon is “one stop solution” for web hosting because other web hosts don’t offer some of these services.

You are getting amazing customer support with hostmonster coupon because hostmonster don’t outsource their customer care services. Hostmonster has in house customer support center which offers excellent services for 24X7. Main problem with other webhosts is hold time while you call them. With hostmonster, hold time is brought down to maximum 2 minutes. In case if you are not satisfied with services of hostmonster then you can come out of hostmonster anytime because there is neither long term contract nor cancellation fee with hostmonster.

Hostmonster is running offer at the moment. If you use hostmonster coupon right now then you will get almost 50% discounts on original price of $7.95. It means you can get all these services of hostmonster at mere $3.95. Domains are also included at this price and there are no other hidden charges for hostmonster coupon.

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HostMonster Multimedia Features

Taking advantage of multiple multimedia features in a website is essential for a webmaster to design his or her page according to the demands of people or information seekers in today’s online world. Thus, it is necessary for a site designer that a wide range of such features should be accessible when he or she works on the design and concept of a site, whether it may have something to do with streaming mp3 music, online video streaming, playing flash animation for cartoons or interactive games, and more. One of the best ways of being in touch with all these tools can be done by utilizing web hosting services offered by HostMonster.

What are the features available in HostMonster that can prove handy when working on online website creation projects? First of all, streaming video in the site can be used, either by AVI for most Windows PCs and QuickTime for Apple users, where such formats are recognized all over the world for reaching a wider market. After video streaming, audio streaming is another necessity for a site that relies on songs, sounds, and music in attracting visitors and interested people alike. Some famous formats supported are MP3, AAC, and WMA, to name a few.

However, if you do like to have your video and audio streamed by Real, considering HostMonster can give a positive outcome on it as they are supporting the said format, where video and audio is considered of notable quality. MIDI file support is another of the older audio formats maintained by the famous web hosting service. Even though this format was used, it is only for playing minus-one music like simple background for sites.

Aside from the older formats just mentioned, HostMonster also supports modern multimedia features that give rich detail and quality for both graphics and sounds in a site, such as what can be found in utilizing Flash or Macromedia Shockwave. Since these new file types demand a more advanced technical approach, designers and owners alike can get along with such difficulties by accessing the help center found on the home page of HostMonster. A large and comprehensive knowledgebase, video tutorials, and a friendly forum page can satisfy most queries addressed, in case you feel that you are not sure on how to proceed or deciding what particular multimedia features you can utilize for your specific site needs.

One certain multimedia feature that can be taken advantage by the more adept programmers and webpage designers in bringing out the full potential of media items, is setting up or modifying MIME types, which act depending on the commands set by the person creating specific commands and codes. In the end, HostMonster satisfies most of its customers by presenting much of the wide range of audio and video features and applications, which easily attracts both simple and expert webmasters. No matter what the level of comprehension the individual has, he or she still fulfills his or her desire in making a perfect site, thanks to a customer support system that is driven to bring out the best in each project. Everyone is assured that their creation efforts are not wasted.
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