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ASP web hosting refers to web hosting solution with Active Server Pages (ASP) support. ASP is the first server-side script engine developed by Microsoft to generated dynamic web pages.

Most ASP web hosting are Windows web hosting solutions, however, some Linux web hosting solution like Lunarpages Linux web hosting also support "Chilisoft ASP" with a small extra cost.

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Free Setup (12 Months Plan)
Unlimited Emails
Ecommerce Ready
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
24/7 Customer Support
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ASP Web Hosting
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More About ASP Web Hosting / ASP Hosting


ASP web hosting is a server-side scripting environment that uses the Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. ASP web hosting is used for dynamic web pages and applications which help web developer to create attractive websites.

ASP web hosting is mostly available at Windows web hosting, typically an NT server, and can be fully integrated into an Internet Information Server (IIS) or PWS. An ASP web hosting webpage always has a .asp extension at the URL.

ASP web hosting provides a platform for web developers to build their own dynamic website. ASP web hosting becomes a very common web hosting solution with Microsoft support. And if you want to learn the usage of ASP, you can even get free training videos at Microsoft website.

It is also possible for ASP web hosting to be run on Linux web hosting / Unix web hosting environment. Some web hosting providers, like Lunarpages, offer Chilisoft  ASP support at her Linux web hosting plans. If you want to learn more about Lunarpages Linux web hosting plan, you can read our Lunarpages review.

Featured ASP Web Hosting Article

How to Properly Select a Remarkable Web Hosting Provider

If you are in search of a remarkable web host where you would be able to have your very first website hosted, or probably because you need to relocate your current site to a better one, then these steps would surely help you decide with what particular web host should you pick out from the numerous web host available on the internet, and avoid web hosts that might not allow you to maximize the features that it has.

1) Know the platform

One of the most important things that should immediately be done is to know whether the web host runs either on Windows or on Linux or UNIX. You should always first think about the technology that was used on the current site, if it was created with the use of technology of Microsoft just like VB or ASP, or by an open source kind of technology like PHP or Python, which of course runs on Linux.

2) Know the Features

It is fine if this step would take you quite some time, as long as you come up with the essential features that the new web host should have. Reading through the list of features provided by various web hosts should be verified in order to learn more about the features that the web host is able to offer. Most of the time, some of the primary features that should always check would include bandwidth, uptime, backup, disk space, if there is a money back guarantee, databases relating to both type and number, domains allowed, email accounts, and if Cron is available or not. There are still a lot of things that you may want to consider but these are just some of the most important features that you should look into, and always remember to take time and make sure that you include every feature that you intend the new web host to have.

3) Look into the Cost

Most of the time, this is a top priority for people who would like to get a web host, more particularly if they have a particular budget for this service. Hosting price may seem to be very important but one should take note that there are many other features you will need to pay attention when choosing a web host.

There may be a lot expenses to be considered when it comes to web hosting, for instance, your cost of downtime together with the monthly fee. The cost of downtime would have to include sales that were lost because of some kind of downtime, as well as very slow speed. Setup costs may also be part of the expenses, together with extra charges for bandwidth as well as extra costs for features aside from the fee that you would have to pay every month.

It is possible that the web host that you choose would ask you to annually pay them so that you would be able to avail of the host at alower price. There may also be hosts that may permit you to do a monthly payment at the host's best price possible. It is up to you as to what method of payment would work appropriately for the budget that you have.

4) Reliable Customer Service

You should never forget to consider a web host that has a reliable customer service so that you would be able to speak with someone if you encounter a problem with the web host. The website should have a customer service that is available any time of the day, no matter what day it is because in the first place the website that you have should always be readily accessible to everyone. This simply means that if the web host does not have this kind of service, then it is not worthwhile to get it. This may play a critical part in terms of making sure that your website performs well every time a visitor would browse through the website.

5) Effective Support

The support should be effective in such a way that it allows you to save time with regard to getting information immediately and would really allow you to gain better understanding about the web host. Having an effective support system would show you the kind of service that it is able to provide to its clients, and at the same time, this would allow you to spend time and learn something new about the web host.

6) Stability of Web Host

The web host that you are going to select should be a stable company, in the sense that it should not have any inclination to close down or something to that extent, and this would surely have an impact on your site if something goes wrong.

7) Efficient Uptime Should Be Guaranteed

There are times when the web host would have to make updates on its system, with the security it provides to its clients, and take preventive measures to avoid the host from getting hacked, which is become prevalent nowadays.

Most of the time, people are guaranteed of a 99.9% uptime, and if for instance a guarantee is not met, then a refund may be provided to the client. The refund would be prorated depending on the downtime, but this may not actually be worth a lot of money.

As long as you take time to do some form of research and background check on the web host, then you would not have to worry about problems that you may have to encounter since the web host that you were able to choose provides remarkable service.

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