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ASP web hosting refers to web hosting solution with Active Server Pages (ASP) support. ASP is the first server-side script engine developed by Microsoft to generated dynamic web pages.

Most ASP web hosting are Windows web hosting solutions, however, some Linux web hosting solution like Lunarpages Linux web hosting also support "Chilisoft ASP" with a small extra cost.

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Free Setup (12 Months Plan)
Unlimited Emails
Ecommerce Ready
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
24/7 Customer Support
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ASP Web Hosting
Storage : 350 GB
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Host Unlimited Domains
IIS 7.0 / IIS 6.0
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Window 2008 / 2003 Environment
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30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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ASP Web Hosting
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ASP Web Hosting
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ASP web hosting is a server-side scripting environment that uses the Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. ASP web hosting is used for dynamic web pages and applications which help web developer to create attractive websites.

ASP web hosting is mostly available at Windows web hosting, typically an NT server, and can be fully integrated into an Internet Information Server (IIS) or PWS. An ASP web hosting webpage always has a .asp extension at the URL.

ASP web hosting provides a platform for web developers to build their own dynamic website. ASP web hosting becomes a very common web hosting solution with Microsoft support. And if you want to learn the usage of ASP, you can even get free training videos at Microsoft website.

It is also possible for ASP web hosting to be run on Linux web hosting / Unix web hosting environment. Some web hosting providers, like Lunarpages, offer Chilisoft  ASP support at her Linux web hosting plans. If you want to learn more about Lunarpages Linux web hosting plan, you can read our Lunarpages review.

Featured ASP Web Hosting Article

Personal Web Hosting: Bring In The Bloggers

The easiest and most economical way to get online presence is to create a blog page. Blogs are easy to manage, one gets almost instant publication, updating them is a breeze, quite economical (often free), and one need not be a techno-freak to do so.

The three forms of blog hosting available to the blogger are:

  1. Free Blog hosting - in these types of blog hosts are the very basic. One can publish content, and choose different designs, colors and fonts, but that's about it. There are no free emails, but one can get those from free email accounts hosts like Yahoo and Gmail instead.
  2. Paid Blog Hosting - it's like having a mini-website. There are a few added functions, and requirements (perhaps a domain name in some servers), but one also gets more space and bandwidth.
  3. Shared Web Hosting with Blogging - that means opting to "lease" a space in a web hosting server and install blogging software, but these systems would need PHP and a MySQL database.

Staying on Top of Things

These "personal" web hosting options would naturally mean that the user will get limited resources at their disposal, and sometimes it's hard to estimate exactly how much space one can actually fill until they have filled it. Aside from being careful about the content that a blogger will upload, they should also be wary of the size of the files they do choose to upload. Some blog hosting provider will normally just refuse to upload content beyond the allotted limit, but there are some that might disable the blogger's site if it is too big. It does not take too much math savvy to add and subtract bytes, as long as the blogger is vigilant about it.

The Green Web Host

There is a growing trend in web hosting providers to offer their web hosting services with the promise of a more ecologically sound business solution, and this is something that any environment conscious business owner may want to look into when shopping around for a web hosting server.

This is more than just a "buzz" word, these "Green Web Hosts" will provide the same quality of services as any other web hosting provider, but they have taken the steps to lessen carbon emissions, use alternative power sources and generally make their businesses more energy efficient. That means that the web hosting company still use the same hardware or software like everybody else does, only they produce less carbon emissions in getting them up and running. Should the technology be available and the performance comparable, these web hosting companies will also opt to use hardware that are more energy efficient. These web hosting companies will also do some infrastructure improvement to ante up their energy savings.

When these are not feasible, they also purchase "carbon credits", or funding measures to ensure that "good" energy from renewable sources are produced to counter the carbon emissions that they produce.

These measures could add a little more to the cost of their web hosting services, which are still basically the same as a non-green web hosting company, but it would be good to do a part in cleaning up the environment, even if it will cost a few extra dollars.

Read The Whole Article - Personal Web Hosting: Bring In The Bloggers

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