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Managed web hosting is a web hosting solution which webmasters can gets his/her own Web hosting server but are not allowed to have full control over it. However, users of Managed web hosting are allowed to manage their data via FTP or other remote management tools.

Users of Managed web hosting are not allowed full control so that the web hosting provider can guarantee quality of service by not allowing the user to modify the server which might create configuration problems. The webmaster actually does not own the web hosting server. The web hosting server is leased to the webmaster on a monthly basis.

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Managed Web Hosting Recommended
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Managed Web Hosting #1 Hostgator Managed Web Hosting :
There are 4 dedicated server web hosting plans at Hostgator. You can also choose Linux dedicated server or Window dedicated server platform to match your own needs. Use our Hostgator coupon to sign up, you can save US$9.94.  
Managed Web Hosting
Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
Ram : 1024 MB DDR
Linux : CentOS, RHEL3, RHEL4, FreeBSD
Windows 2003 Web Edition
5 Dedicated IP Addresses
Storage : 80 GB
Bandwidth : 1,500 GB/M
Free Setup All Time
Host Unlimited Domains
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Managed Web Hosting #2 Lunarpages Managed Web Hosting :
Lunarpages dedicated server was under another brand name called “”. You can choose to host on Linux / Window platform. Use our Lunarpages coupon for dedicated server, you can save US$50 when signing up.  
Managed Web Hosting
Intel® Celeron 2.0ghz
Ram : 512 MB
Linux : CentOS
Windows 2003 Web Edition
2 Dedicated IP Addresses
Storage : 80 GB
Bandwidth: 1000 GB/M
Free Domain (12 months plan)
Host Unlimited Domains
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Managed Web Hosting #3 Midphase Managed Web Hosting :
Midphase offers 2 dedicated servers web hosting solutions and they are the “SimpleServer NS01” & “SimpleServer NS02”. There is no setup fee for all monthly plan.  
Managed Web Hosting
Intel Dual Core Xeon 2.40GHz
Ram : 2 GB
Linux : Red Hat, Fedora Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD
Windows Server 2003
8 Dedciated IP
Storage : 250 GB
Bandwidth : 10,000 GB/M
Free Setup All Time
Free domain for life
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Managed Web Hosting Godaddy Managed Web Hosting :
There are 3 dedicated servers web hosting solutions at Godaddy and they are “Economy Plan”, “Deluxe Plan” & “Premium Plan”. Remember to use our Godaddy coupon to enjoy a discount when signing up.  
Managed Web Hosting
Celeron® 2.0GHz processor
Ram : 1 GB
Linux : CentOS or Red Hat F7
Windows: 2003 Web Edition
3 Dedicated IP
Storage : 120 GB
Bandwidth : 500 GB/M
Free Setup
Free SSL Certificate
Read Godaddy Review Visit Godaddy Godaddy Coupons Available ! Rating : B+
More About Managed Web Hosting / Managed Hosting


Managed web hosting is a web hosting solution which the web hosting provider takes care of all the maintenance and administration of your dedicated server.

Managed web hosting makes it easier for small business to manage their own dedicated servers without the need to purchase the physical server themselves. To purchase managed web hosting is just equals to outsourcing your own IT department.

Managed web hosting is ideal for online businesses who would like to focus on their core business with no time to take care of their own dedicated servers.

Featured Managed Web Hosting Article

Steps You Need to Make When Transferring to a New Web Hosting Provider

Change is inevitable. If your life, your needs, your company's needs stop growing, developing and becomes stagnant, be worried. Speaking about company's needs, the only way for your company to go, is always up. If you have worked hard to make it visible and if you have been doing the best marketing strategies to ensure a high customer visits rate, then most probably, thinking of moving to another web hosting provider to the one that you currently have, might be a good idea. Some companies, on the other hand, may experience a lot of negative support from their web hosting service, and a move would probably be best between both parties. Whatever the reason is for moving to a new web hosting provider, if it will make life easier for you, then start thinking of the options that you need to do, and the steps that you need to make.

Here are, basically, the steps that you need to make when you have decided to move.

  • First step is to find a web hosting provider that offers what you need. Take time to read the web hosting company's services and if you could take time to know which companies you could check with to see about this web hosting service's performance, which would include uptime, downtime and how their technical support department handles these kinds of issues. Once you are happy with what you find, sign up, and get ready for the transfer.
  • Second step is to make a back-up of your site and all the files that you have. As a standing site owner, you should constantly be backing up your files, regardless if you are planning to make the move in the long run, or as a precaution for any power failure, or hardware breakdown, doing a back up is a must.
  • Step three is to change your DNS to make sure that it points to your new web hosting provider.
  • The fourth step is to wait for your DNS change to be broadcasted through the net. This is imperative, and make sure that your previous web hosting provider is aware of the time allowance you need to have to make sure that your new DNS will be known to your customers, and prospective visitors. Just imagine how problematic it would be for you to immediately decide in a day or two, as your limit for DNS propagation. Should you have new visitors to your old site, and they would be re-directed to a dead link, think of the loss to the company. So ensure proper propagation, and ensure that your old, as well as new, web hosting provider would work together on this.
  • The last step is for you to shut down the old site. As soon as you are sure people are getting information from your new web hosting provider, or IP address, then you are sure that visitors are now using the new IP address. Another way to know that the propagation is complete is when you do not receive any emails coming from the old web hosting provider anymore as well.

These steps seem pretty easy, but we assure you, it is not. It takes a lot of work, and a lot of busy time making sure that the transition is complete. Coming from a static site, the transition might be easier, compared to having a dynamic web site, which is why backing up all your files is the ultimate step that would make the transition easier. Another item that would be considered the 'crux' of the transition is the changing of DNS. You can't keep advertising that your site has on going changes, so once a new DNS is in place, the proper broadcast and circulation is essential. Visitors need to be constantly informed that there will be changes to your site soon, so they have to bear with the changes.

Bottom line in all this: if there are changes, there should be proper dissemination of information.

Read The Whole Article - Steps You Need to Make When Transferring to a New Web Hosting Provider


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