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Dedicated server, dedicated web hosting or managed web hosting is a type of web hosting solution in which webmaster leases an entire server and not shared with others.

User of dedicated server has full control over the web hosting server, including choice of operating system (OS), hardware, etc. Server administration can usually be provided by the web hosting company. Extra management cost might be charged by the web hosting provider on a monthly basis.

Below are the best dedicated server we recommend.

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Dedicated Server Recommended
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Dedicated Server #1 Hostgator Dedicated Server :
There are 4 dedicated server web hosting plans at Hostgator. You can also choose Linux dedicated server or Window dedicated server platform to match your own needs. Use our Hostgator coupon to sign up, you can save US$9.94.  
Dedicated Server
Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
Ram : 1024 MB DDR
Linux : CentOS, RHEL3, RHEL4, FreeBSD
Windows 2003 Web Edition
5 Dedicated IP Addresses
Storage : 80 GB
Bandwidth : 1,500 GB/M
Free Setup All Time
Host Unlimited Domains
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Dedicated Server #2 Lunarpages Dedicated Server :
Lunarpages dedicated server was under another brand name called “”. You can choose to host on Linux / Window platform. Use our Lunarpages coupon for dedicated server, you can save US$50 when signing up.  
Dedicated Server
Intel® Celeron 2.0ghz
Ram : 512 MB
Linux : CentOS
Windows 2003 Web Edition
2 Dedicated IP Addresses
Storage : 80 GB
Bandwidth: 1000 GB/M
Free Domain (12 months plan)
Host Unlimited Domains
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Dedicated Server #3 Midphase Dedicated Server :
Midphase offers 2 dedicated servers web hosting solutions and they are the “SimpleServer NS01” & “SimpleServer NS02”. There is no setup fee for all monthly plan.  
Dedicated Server
Intel Dual Core Xeon 2.40GHz
Ram : 2 GB
Linux : Red Hat, Fedora Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD
Windows Server 2003
8 Dedciated IP
Storage : 250 GB
Bandwidth : 10,000 GB/M
Free Setup All Time
Free domain for life
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Dedicated Server Godaddy Dedicated Server :
There are 3 dedicated servers web hosting solutions at Godaddy and they are “Economy Plan”, “Deluxe Plan” & “Premium Plan”. Remember to use our Godaddy coupon to enjoy a discount when signing up.  
Dedicated Server
Celeron® 2.0GHz processor
Ram : 1 GB
Linux : CentOS or Red Hat F7
Windows: 2003 Web Edition
3 Dedicated IP
Storage : 120 GB
Bandwidth : 500 GB/M
Free Setup
Free SSL Certificate
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More About Dedicated Server / Dedicated Server Hosting

What is dedicated server and how does it different from shared web hosting? Shared web hosting offers you limited control on the web hosting server your websites are hosting. Shared web hosting plans put many webmasters on the same web hosting server. Dedicated server allows you to actually control your own web hosting server and you can install anything you need on your own dedicated server. You can host as many websites as you like on the same dedicated server. You can even sell your own web hosting services and host your clients’ websites at your dedicated server.

User of dedicated server has all rights to the server’s resources including bandwidth, memory and storage space, etc. Moreover, a dedicated server account allow webmaster to install any software on the dedicated server. Dedicated server is ideal for online business that need huge amount of bandwidth and has many unique visitors every day. Websites which need dedicated server may include gaming sites, video streaming sites and image sharing websites, etc.

Web hosting companies always offer you a choice to customize your own dedicated server. You may choose to use one of their pre-packaged plans, or customize and configure your own dedicated server telling web hosting provider your requirements.

To choose a good dedicated server service, you should consider the support they offer, the value they give you when signing up and what kind of system you will actually be running the dedicated server on.



Featured Dedicated Server Web Hosting Article

Just the Right Size

Deciding on which website host before you know what you will actually be putting in your website is like putting the cart before the horse. It's a silly idea, and it just will not work. Different site content have different sizes, and will need different applications in order to be accessible and intelligible. Text content for example do not require a lot of bytes, but if you're planning on graphics, pictures and video streaming, that's another story.

The latter will eat up huge amounts of bandwidth and storage space, and if it is more than the bandwidth and storage allocation that your server subscription has allocated to you, they can refuse to upload your website or charge you extra.

On the other hand, there are servers that will tell you that they will allocate an impressive number of gigabytes and bandwidth in hopes that you will never use all of it. Of course they offer the same thing to all the other subscribers and if all of the subscribers manage to use up all that is allocated to them, that server host might not be able to keep up with the demand.

The key in looking for the hosting provider with the best fit would not be to get the cheapest hosting provider that will try to overwhelm you with size alone. Like in all things in life, performance and reliability matters as much as size.

It's not that hard to compute the size of a website, all that one has to do is add the bytes of all the components and multiply that sum with the expected traffic or number of visits. This is how you can compute the bandwidth that your site will need, as well as the storage space.

Bandwidth is not to be confused with the capabilities that you will need for data transfer, however. To compare it to something more substantial, the bandwidth is the electric wire and the data transfer would be the electrical charge running through it. So if you're expecting to have a lot of data running to and from your site, you should have plan with a lot of bandwidth or the traffic will slow down or choke up. With the possibility that your visitor has ADHD, then that means one customer that you've lost because the size of the bandwidth was not enough.

There are ways of optimizing the space that is allotted to you like compressing files, or having an image host. But the simplest way would be to downsize your sites content to only what is necessary to get your message across. To be absolutely sure about your website's needs in terms of bandwidth, ask your server host how much you need with the parameters that you can specify.

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