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If you have a couple of domains you need hosting for, or you want to be a web hosting company and sell web hosting services, in both cases reseller web hosting is the perfect web hosting solution for you.

Reseller web hosting accounts may vary tremendously in size. They can have their own virtual private server (VPS) to a collocated server. Many resellers provide a similar web hosting plan just like their reseller web hosting provider and they provide technical support for their own customers.

Below are the best reseller web hosting we would recommend to you.

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Reseller Web Hosting #1 Hostgator Reseller Hosting :
Hostgator is a web hosting provider of both Linux web hosting and dedicated server. Web hosting prices are affordable & customer support is real good. You can save US$9.94 with a Hostgator coupon.  
Reseller Hosting
Storage : Unlimited
Bandwidth : Unlimited
Host Unlimited Domains
Free Domain For Life
Free Setup
Unlimited POP3 Emails
Ecommerce Ready
45 Days Money Back Guarantee
24/7 Customer Support
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Reseller Web Hosting #2 GreenResellerWebHosting Reseller Hosting :

GreenResellerWebHosting is a reseller hosting provider of energy efficient reseller hosting services. Good news is you can do something for our Earth while enjoying a reliable reseller hosting services now.

Reseller Hosting
Storage : Unlimited
Bandwidth : Unlimited
Host 10-250 Domains
Unlimited SubDomain
Unlimited Databases
Unlimited POP3 Emails
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
24/7 Customer Support
GreenResellerWebHosting Review
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Rating : A
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Reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting package where we can split up the storage and bandwidth, and then resell it to your own customers. It encourage webmaster to make money for their own by purchasing reseller web hosting. Reseller web hosting need just a little knowledge to get started. Anyone can start their own reseller web hosting business easily.

Reseller web hosting becoming very popular. User of reseller web hosting are always given freedom to create their own web hosting packages and offers. Resellers are able to make custom web hosting packages for their customers easily. Some reseller web hosting providers even provide web hosting templates for resellers to promote their web hosting products immediately.

To manage the reseller web hosting accounts, resellers will use the reseller web hosting control panel. Reseller web hosting is great for webmasters who would like to start their web hosting business.

Featured Reseller Hosting Article

Tips When Looking for a Shared Web Hosting Provider

Let's start with the basics. When you are looking for a shared web host, it has to be both reliable and affordable. We often make the mistake of signing up with a cheap provider only to realize later on that it was completely not worth it at all, because of the technical issues and bad service we experience. If we want to avoid having to make such mistakes, we need to make sure that we choose a good web hosting service provider. Below are the characteristics that a good web hosting provider possesses.

1. Quality Technology
A very important aspect of a web hosting provider should be that their server is of top quality. When you avail of a shared web hosting provider, you will basically be sharing your server with others and if it is of poor quality, you can expect a rather unreliable server.

2. Knowledgeable and Skilled Manpower
System administrators should know very well how to operate the technology being used by clients.

3. Redundancy
When a shared web hosting service has multiple connections, it is helpful especially in times when one connection goes down. It can simply just re-route using another available connection.

4. Meets Your Needs
A very important aspect to consider when choosing a web hosting provider is that you need to see to it that this web hosting provider is able to address your specific needs. Additionally, you should get a web hosting package over your current needs because your site may have unexpected traffic when it becomes popular.

5. Fast Connectivity
People always look for a fast connection. In this regard, you need to see to it that your web hosting provider can give you a fast response time. Take note that you will be using a 'shared' system thus the least you get should have a T3 connection and using only half of the available bandwidth.

Once you have spotted a good web hosting provider, here are some tips for you to consider when you are already dealing with a web hosting company.

Check if it is upgradeable. Your business will eventually grow, and you need to check with the web hosting provider if the web hosting solutions they offer can grow with your company. This means bandwidth increase, upgradeable server-side scripting, and multi-media streaming, among others.

Look into their technical support. With the time zone difference and unexpected issues that will arise, it is important for you to ensure that the web hosting provider has a 24/7 technical support line that will cater to your concerns at any given time. They must also be able to provide excellent customer service, with knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Ask for references. Always check for references so you will know what others have to say about this web hosting provider. By checking with other webmasters, it is easy for you to gauge their capabilities.

Conduct a background research. While there are a countless number of web hosting providers, you can never be too sure of one unless you actually conduct an extensive research. Find out the payment systems they use, know who the owner is, and check if they have a sufficient level of technical expertise. But before this fact-finding mission, see to it first if this is actually a real and legal business.

Keep tab of payments. Many web hosting providers have a record of terrible practices so you need to monitor your credit card statements, and also make sure you keep your receipts. This is to help prevent double-billing and overcharging.

Don't forget to back up data. Even if you have the best web hosting provider in town, you should still back up your data because many web hosting provider can only recover files when there is a system failure.

Get your very own domain. Before you even go web hosting hunting, you should already have a domain name. You do not want your web hosting provider to take bigger control by providing you a domain name. It should be you who take administrative control over your domain name, and your web hosting provider offers the technical support.

Get guarantees. A good web hosting provider can give you guarantees should any untoward situations occur. There should be a form of compensation and quality support service if there is any interruption, such as when their server is down or when there are technical difficulties.

Read your contract. Know what your obligations are, especially when it comes to payment, and what is and what is not allowed under the terms of your contract. There are web hosting providers that do not allow high traffic content, while others only allow them when you sign up for special web hosting packages.

Find a good exit strategy. You might realize later on that this is not a good web hosting service for you so it is best to have a backup plan. You do not want to have to deal with an unreliable web hosting provider until the contract expires, so find a way to get out of the contract. Remember that reliability is very important for any online business and if your web hosting provider cannot offer you this, it is highly recommended that you find a better service somewhere else.

Read The Whole Article - Tips When Looking for a Shared Web Hosting Provider


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