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JSP web hosting is a type of web hosting with JavaServer Pages (JSP) support.

JSP web hosting is a Java technology that allows software developers to dynamically generate HTML, XML or other types of documents in response to a Web client request.

JSP web hosting allows Java code and certain pre-defined actions to be embedded into static content. Below are some of the best JSP web hosting we would recommend.

Below are the best JSP web hosting we would recommend.

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Most JSP Web Hosting offering server side JSP support with just a small extra cost.

Java server pages work best with JSP Web Hosting which is specially designed for JSPs. A Java web hosting platform can be easily adapted to a website with JSP applications.

When you are looking for a JSP Web Hosting plan, you can compare web hosting providers with JSP Web Hosting support. You can compare the price of JSP Web Hosting and version the JSP Web Hosting provider can offer. You may also read the JSP Web Hosting review when choosing the best JSP Web Hosting plan.

Featured JSP Web Hosting Article

Role Of Web Hosting In Ecommerce

In the emergence of ecommerce, everything has been made easier when it comes to marketing. Businesses are now taking advantage of Web sites to invite more customers. However, if the Web sites are poor, slow, and ineffective, customers will surely be disinterested. Therefore, a slow and weak Web site is a big no-no for ecommerce.

With this, it is always recommended that ecommerce sites operate through dedicated servers. This is the only way for customers to remain interested and curious about the services and products offered, always visiting the sites and eager to wait for the response. With dedicated servers, online businesses will always be quick to respond to the demands of the online customers.

It is understandable for ecommerce beginners to start with simple Web sites through the support of shared hosting. However, as the Web site continuously invites more customers, shared hosting cannot be able to accommodate the increasing traffic that the Web site generates. A shared hosting is not capable of providing the specific bandwidth enough to accommodate the needs of a growing Web site.

Since it is shared hosting, at least 250 Web sites are being supported by only one Web hosting server. Now, the 250 Web sites will be competing for the limited resources that the web hosting server provides. There are other websites that consumes bigger percentage of the server's resources, and that makes it unfair for the others who are sharing on the resources. Therefore, the other Web sites are experiencing slow and weak connection, generating mostly errors, which, of course, are a big turn-off to most customers. Instead of browsing through the ecommerce site, the customers will look for another Web site that is fast and efficient.

Therefore, ecommerce sites really need the service of a dedicated server. This only means that the web hosting server only provides its services on one client only. This means that from the technical to the service support, the dedicated server is right there on the side of only one client, responsible for the quick and effective performance of its ecommerce site.

Through the dedicated Web hosting packages which provide enhanced bandwidth and increased storage capacity, enlarged allotments for IP address, and improved performance and enhanced security. These customized web hosting packages also allow the client to choose the operating system to be used for the account. The client has Linux, Windows Server, and Windows 2000 to choose from for the operating systems.? It also provides 100% administrative access to the client. Since you are in control of the administrative system, you can make use of programs like FTP Daemon and PC Anywhere to improve the internal structure of your files. These programs will enable you to install interactive e-mail, ecommerce applications, and streaming media which are all a big help to ecommerce marketing.

All of these services are packaged and priced as one, and it is usually cost-efficient, compared to paying for each individual service. At least, with the dedicated Web hosting service, clients are sure that they might be paying this big but they know that are getting it back from all the positive results the web hosting server has been creating for your ecommerce site.

Imagine being able to utilize the maximum bandwidth potential of your own web hosting server. It is because the server only has one client to give its resources to. That client can maximize it alone, not having to share it with other Web sites. Therefore, all the necessary enhancements on the Web site can be done using all these resources to attract more customers. Since the web hosting server provides the fastest connection for your Web site, people will have a smoother experience in browsing through the ecommerce's pages. Therefore, it will generate more income to the client.

Since dedicated Web hosting is providing extra special attention to only one client, it also involves insuring that all the data from the client's account would not be lost. Dedicated Web hosting see to it that the web hosting server is placed in a secured location, where security measures are being practiced and security facilities are always present to avoid fire, flood, and other calamities which may damage the account's data. To be sure, Web hosting companies even acquire financial insurance on all their computers and other equipment. They also ensure that all the data are stored with back up to support the client in case some system crashing happens.

For a growing ecommerce site, it is very important to have the biggest storage space possible. If shared hosting plan can provide 100 megabytes for their clients, dedicated Web hosting plan may provide their clients up to four gigabytes for their data storage. Therefore, ecommerce sites can always be improved and updated with graphics and other components.

With multiple IP or Internet Protocol addresses that are allocated by the Web hosting company to the site, new sites can regularly be added. The addresses also allow for careful and accurate analysis on the Web traffic from different sites

Through the help of dedicated server, online businesses are ready to meet the online competition because of the improved performance of their Web sites. Webmasters can focus on doing the business marketing online while the dedicated web hosting provider can concentrate on the backstage by monitoring that the connection is always at the highest speed and its performance is at its best. Since ecommerce is certainly the latest trend in business, online business sites can always look forward to excellent Web hosting services provided by dedicated servers to boost their ecommerce business.

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