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ColdFusion web hosting is one of the best web hosting platforms to build dynamic Internet applications.

ColdFusion web hosting can generate Flash forms, integrated business reports, and dynamic generation of printable documents. ColdFusion web hosting uses CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language), a tag-based language similar to HTML and XML.

Not all web hosting providers can have ColdFusion supports, below are the best ColdFusion web hosting we recommend.

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Coldfusion Web Hosting Recommended
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Coldfusion Web Hosting
Storage : Unlimited
Bandwidth : Unlimited
Host Unlimited Domains
Free Domain For Life x 2
Free Setup (12 Months Plan)
5,000 Emails
Ecommerce Ready
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
24/7 Customer Support
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Coldfusion Web Hosting
Storage : 150 GB
Bandwidth : 1,500 GB/M
Host Unlimited Domains
25 MySQL Databases
Free Setup
500 Email Accounts
Ecommerce Ready
Pro-Rated Money Back
24/7 Customer Support
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More About Coldfusion Web Hosting / Coldfusion Hosting


ColdFusion web hosting is a server-side scripting language installed at the web hosting server just like PHP or ASP. ColdFusion web hosting is a product of Macromedia, it is considered as a complete web application server for not only for basic hosting but also for business websites.

Since ColdFusion is a server-side technology, ColdFusion web hosting works by having a web hosting server to process and deliver web applications, rather than just simple web pages.

ColdFusion web hosting need fewer code lines when compared to ASP web hosting, PHP web hosting or JSP web hosting. Developers can develop their own application like ColdFusion Studio and can move to ColdFusion web hosting server when it is done.

In terms of web hosting cost, ColdFusion web hosting servers are more expensive to build. The price for ColdFusion web hosting is normally more expensive than the normal Unix web hosting and Windows web hosting.

ColdFusion web hosting is a powerful technology to build web applications and dynamic web pages. ColdFusion web hosting advantage is its simplicity than ASP web hosting, PHP web hosting or JSP web hosting. Finally, ColdFusion hosting can be used to create powerful web capabilities using an easy-to-learn and highly productive server-side scripting environment.

Featured Coldfusion Web Hosting Article

On Choosing the Best Web Hosting Service

Good websites become popular. They are visited by millions of Internet users from all over the world, and they generate traffic in the web. And during these times when web site shave already evolved into something much better and effective, the assistance of a dedicated server is needed.

What exactly is a web server, and how dedicated must it be? A web server is actually a computer positioned inside a data center where it is assigned to provide connection services to an account of web hosting. It has the Internet connection that the other servers also have.

There are actually two types of dedicated servers. The first is managed servers, which are operated and managed by the Web hosting company. The duty now of the client is to give all the data that is needed on the Web site. It is managed in the sense that the Web hosting company monitors the server and sees to it that it functions well. There should also be computer technicians who must stand by in case of technical difficulties.

Meanwhile, unmanaged servers are being managed by the client, and the Web hosting company only provides space on the Internet, storage, bandwidth, and physical security. The client is the one responsible to provide data and monitor all the aspects of the Web site, although the Web hosting company sometimes provides client service when the clients encounter technical difficulties.

To find the best Web hosting company is not that easy because the effectiveness of your Web hosting company really depends on the server. The performance of the web site is actually at stake so might as well analyze first the components and features of a web hosting server before shelling out big money for it.

It is always important to check on what the Web site will be for and what will it contain. Will it be a web site to upload photos and videos and music every now and then? The disk space is a very crucial matter in choice of Web hosting company because the user would probably choose a better and more dedicated server, which provides larger disk spaces. The memory and bandwidth should also always be considered first.

Customization and upgrading of the Web site is also important to consider. There are many web hosting plans offered by different Web hosting company and it is up to the users choose depending on their preference. These specifications will matter on how the Web site will perform and how it will look like. This is especially true for the upgrading techniques of the Web hosting company for the Web site. Competition in the online industry is very tight and the Web hosting company must always be up to date so as not to make the Web sites it hosts get left behind.

Another good question to ask is with regard to the location of the server. Is it positioned in a safe environment? Is it inside a data center with a secure environment or is it just placed in a simple office with no security measures practiced? Clients would never want a web hosting server that crashes from time to time just because it is not in the safest place to perform its operations.

The last of it all is the client service the Web hosting company provides. Clients are usually busy and cannot really monitor what is happening with their Web sites. Therefore, if anything happens and the system goes wrong, clients can always run to the help of an account representative from the Web hosting company to help them with their concerns.

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